How The Review Is Done

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How The Review Is Done

Post by Dynamix on Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:21 am

No two reviews here at MediaForce will ever be the same, but the structure and scoring will work on the same principle. Each forum at the end of the review will be rated and awarded between 1 and 5 gold stars. Heres how its done;

  • Forum Structure & Appearence
    (skin, graphics, colour scheme, banner/logo, structure of categories and forums)
  • Forum Content, Services & Target Audience
    (whats included in your forums, its services and the audience your presenting it too)
  • Whats On Offer
    (whats your forum has to offer to keep its members active)
  • The Community
    (number of members, posts, staff, moderation & activity)
  • Improvements
    (what we feel can be and should be improved around the forum)
  • Summary
    (a detailed final summary)

Each category (summary exempt) is worth 10 points. Giving a total of 50 points to be awarded for a perfect forum. Thats how we get a rating of between 1 and 5. 1 star being the lowest possible score and 5 stars being the highest. If you score 10/10 in all areas you will be awarded a 5 stars. If you score 10/10 in three areas and a 6/10 in two areas, all in all thats 42/50 therefore you will be awarded 4.2 stars!

Forums with a score greater than 4.7 stars will get a mention in the MediaForce monthly news announcement, the announcement will be pinned in the announcement forum for all to see, your mention will contain an image of your choice, a link to your forum and a detailed description of your choice.

Forums with a score of 5 stars will recieve the announcement mentioned above plus a redirection link to your forum on the MediaForce index.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask them in the comments & crit forum.

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