Applying for a staff position...

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Applying for a staff position...

Post by Dynamix on Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:59 am

If you'd like to apply for a staff position the following is required..

Review staff
If you'd like to apply for reviewing staff, then please review the MediaForce forums using the Review Template provided. Post it into the Comments & Crit forum. The topic title should read "Staff Application" If im satisfied with your review, you'll get the posistion.

Graphics Staff
If you'd like to apply for graphics staff, then just simply showcase a piece of work in the Comments & Crit forum. Preferably a banner, advertising signature or affiliate button for MediaForce.. If im satisfied with the piece, you'll get the position. Same as with the review staff position, title your topic with "Staff Application"

Support Staff & General Moderator
Not much i can say here, typically the support staff need to have some general knowledge of the forumotion administration panel, possibly some coding knowledge etc, Moderating staff will moderate the forums enforcing the MediaForce Terms of Service and forum rules/guidelines for each requests section.

All applications need to be posted in the Comments & Crit forum. Titled "Staff Application".

Good luck!


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